Confessions Smeared In Ink

It’s that time again!  Time for the Smeared and Smudged member blog hop. Our hop will be on THURSDAY, MAY 17th and will go live at 9am PST.


“With this month’s Mother’s Day celebration we thought it would be fun to have a few confessions from our members….Use your art to show us something you have never told your Mom about yourself…or about something you have done. Step outside your comfort zones – the smudgier the better!!! It can be a canvas, a card, a scrapbook page, an altered item, an art journal page, etc. Use your imaginations. Also, don’t forget the S&S rule that is has to be stamped somewhere (digi stamps are fine) – we love when you use Smeared Ink stamps, but it is NOT a requirement to participate.”

For those that don’t know me, I am scrapunzel on Blogger, scrapunzel1 on WordPress & Patti most anywhere else. You should have arrived here from Lady Brayton’s awesome blog. If not, no problem. I will post the hop list at the end of this post to get you back on track or to enable you to start at the beginning.


I used Drinking Buddy Elfette.   You can click on the link to get your own image.  I did 5 images & used copics to color.  On the back 4 images I used the exact same colors, however I started with the 1st one & used my ProMarkers & colored over the entire image with Grey 1, Grey 2, Grey 3, & Grey 4.  So each image got a little darker & a little darker.  I used 3 pearls for the buttons & I used the black copic marker to color them.  I got the “Too Damn Drunk” font from a free site off the Internet & you can get yours from here:

Now the truth is I cannot tell my Mom anything & she will go to her grave not knowing anything.  I honestly envy those of you who have such close relationships with your Mom.  And while my Mom wouldn’t know how to come on here & find this, my children & grandchildren would & once it is on the computer, it is out there forever for anyone to find out.  So I will tell a couple of stories.  One my Mom probably knew but didn’t ever say anything about & the other she didn’t know.  When I was married to my first husband, his work gave him a bottle of whiskey or something that he wanted me to drink.  I DID NOT want to drink any of it.  He kept badgering me about it so in anger I just took the bottle & drank it straight.  Well, of course I drank way too much & I ended up going to bed & lying down.  (My parents never came over to visit.)  But that particular night who came knocking on the door but my Mom & Dad.  I was in bed so my ex was talking to them & I had to upchuck so bad but I didn’t want them to see me.  I heave hoed right there in the bed.  The next thing I heard was my parents saying, “I think we had better leave now!”  It is hilarious to me now.

The next story is probably more about my second ex husband than me but I was involved.  He always drank fairly heavy & drank while driving.  We would make trips between here & Dallas which to most people is a 6 hour drive but to him was a 5 hour drive.  I think I probably had had a drink or two that night but nothing big.  He drank the entire way as usual.  Well, about 40 minutes before we got home, he got pulled over.  (I should mention here that he was black & yes my parents knew about that!)  LOL  Anyway, they asked him if he had been drinking & I think he told them he had had a drink or two.  They asked him to do the usual tests & then decided to take him down to the station to give him a breath-a-lizer test.  They asked me if I had been drinking & I was shaking my head no as fast as I possibly could.  They wanted to know if I could drive the car & follow them down to the station.  I don’t remember how many kids or if we even had taken any kids with us on that trip.  Anyway, I followed them down to the station wondering what I was going to do if he failed.  I didn’t have the money to get him out & I knew that was going to make him mad.  And I didn’t know who to call.  (He was 12 years older than me so he was very controlling.)  Anyway, I got down to the pokey & he was let go.  He laughed & laughed.  I asked him how in the world he passed the test & he said that he sucked on his tongue the entire way down to the station.  Now I don’t know if that really works to this day but it certainly worked for him that night!

Thanks for sticking with me through my lengthy post!  I hope you’ve enjoyed my creation & confessions.

Your next stop on the hop is the fun & always marvelous Monique.
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14 thoughts on “Confessions Smeared In Ink

  1. He He great story and what an awesome project, I love it when you read something like that in the way you would if you really was in that situation IE I did read it like I was drunk lol

  2. love what you did with that image. very creative.
    So sucking on the tongue huh? I wonder if that really was what did it? Funny story.
    I know I’ve been really wrong in my life and been behind the wheel drinking myself.
    I havnet drank since 2005 and I believe that is a good thing. For me and everyone around me. Instant bitch just add alcohol here.
    Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed reading it and love that project

  3. great creation! I love your stories…sucking on his tongue hmmm I’ll have to tell my brother about this one 🙂 again your creation is fab!

  4. love your project…. i thought my head had gone funny again…. i love how you blurred the elfette image.
    Your stories are so funny…. thank you for confessing….i am like you really…i couldnt confess much either, but for different reasons.
    So glad you joined us for this hop. BDx

  5. Patti,
    I cant believe you cut her out 5 times. I would have got board LOL! However, it looks cool cut out like that it gives it sort of like a blurry effect since your talking about drinking. Great job on colouring your images, and the sent is so funny! I have never heard of sucking on your tongue to pass a breath-a-lizer test, but hey if it works?? I am glad you didn’t have any kids in the car w/ you guys since he was drinking for 4 or so hours. I have driven drunk myself a couple of times when I was young. Now I cant even drink but Im old LOL! I cant believe you heaved in your bed that’s funny, gross but funny ha ha! I remember my husband making us drinks using 151, when I woke up the next morning there was throw up all over the floor on my side of the bed. I asked my husband did I do that, he says yep, you would just lean over the bed a barf! It was so gross, I had to clean it up and of course had a hang over while Im cleaning up barf. I have not touched that stuff since! I do not remember the entire night at all. I hope your now hubby dont drink and drive 😉 Take care my friend!

  6. Who knew that sucking on your tongue could do that? Great stories, yeah cleaning up barf sucks Love the project, and how you cut her out 5 times just makes it so cool! Thanks for sharing – take care.

  7. Great use of that image and a fabulous creation. Fancy cutting and colouring her 5 time !!! Wonderful 🙂 Wouldn’t fancy the barf bed though 🙂 xxxxxxxxx

  8. Hahah – awesome! I love how you created the drunken stuper feeling with repeating the image….well done and is a great illusion! And – a fantastic tip about sucking on your tongue – I’ve never even heard of that before! I’m so glad you joined in on our Confessions blog hop!


  9. Haha! Great stories! I think most of us have had one or two drunken moments and can totally relate. I love the blurred drunk effect you’ve created and that drunken font is too awesome! Your sentiment rocks! Fabulous creation!

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