DT Call Time For Delicious Doodles!

Kingfisher in the Rushes - Male - DeliciousDoodles

Kingfisher in the Rushes (Male) Delicious Doodles


Cloaked Lady Delicious Doodles

Wicked Stepmother--PPP

Goth Guy and Gothic BrideDelicious Doodles

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Delicious Doodles is having a DT call.  I honestly never thought I would have an opportunity to try out for Delicious Doodles and this opportunity has arisen.  I have had the pleasure of working with Teri’s stamps through working with other Design Teams and I have chosen her stamps to work with on my own.  But it is exciting to even try out for her team.  This blog is one that I haven’t used in quite some time because I had it for the darker images.  The top image “Kingfisher in the Rushes” is actually at my other blog:  scrapclose2theheart.wordpress.com/  I did it for a couple of male March birthdays I have coming up.  I think that my style is mostly CAS.  I am a Christian grandmother and a biological mommy to two sons, Patrick and Wes, and two four-legged sons, Jax and Neda.  Jax is a Shi Poo and Neda is a Shi Tzu.  I have been working hard trying to learn to color and create with all types of images as well as learning all types of card making techniques.  I feel that being on the Delicious Doodles Design Team will afford me that opportunity.  Thank you for considering me.  As always…Beware of Dark Shadows…Bwahaha….

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